You’re a Writing Tutor Now! But What If…

The writing center opens its doors to everyone. Older students, first generation college students, people with learning disabilities, and people who will ask you to analyze essays regarding personal conflicts they have faced in their life — you will have a session with at least one of these groups every week.

Because there are so many people who are trusting you to help them with an essay, you must explore numerous ways to help people before you find the right method. Likewise, you will encounter mistakes, self-doubt, and frustration. Nevertheless, we have one another to rely on!


We as writing consultants are connected by one desire — the desire to help students succeed in their writing classes. Each of us can succeed if we help one another achieve this common goal. So whether one of us needs advice on helping students revise a thesis or if one of us needs advice on offering emotional support to a visibly distressed student, you can confide on other writing consultants on this blog to help you out. This is a group effort, and we’re all in this together.

You’re a writing tutor now, and if you’re ever in need, we’re all here for you!



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